Why every business needs to use mobile marketing to increase customer engagement

Written by: Hannah Hambleton

As every business knows, engaged customers are key to long term business success. Engaged customers interact with your brand more, talk about it more on social media and are much more likely to be loyal, repeat customers. As a result, creating engaged customers should be the focus for any marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is disrupting traditional marketing channels, giving brands the tools to create genuine interaction through methods such as automation and location tracking. In this article, we’ll show you 5 ways that mobile marketing works to create authentic engagement with customers.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a marketing method which delivers marketing messages to consumers via smartphones and tablets. This now includes SMS, push notifications and in-app advertising. Mobile marketing is exciting for businesses as it has the power to reach certain demographics and individuals in a carefully segmented and targeted way; much more effectively and easily than any other channel. Combined with quality customer data, mobile marketing offers businesses the potential to create effective and engaging campaigns, which in turn increases customer engagement, sales and ROI.

5 ways mobile marketing creates engaged customers

Mobile marketing is an essential tool for any modern business to increase engagement, and here’s why.

1. Mobile marketing makes reaching customers easy

Compared to traditional marketing streams, the diversity of mobile communications gives you numerous ways to reach your customers directly, including SMS, email and via apps. This is great news for your marketing strategy, increasing the ways you can engage with and market to your customers. What’s more, being able to interact with customers directly to their smartphone or tablet device is extremely powerful, giving immediacy and impact that’s not seen with traditional marketing methods. Capturing the power of this personalised interaction is a great way to up engagement, driving customers through your specific sales funnels much more easily.

2. Mobile users love interacting with apps

Whether it’s for social media, purchasing and ordering,  searching for businesses or playing games, 90% of smartphone use is on apps, so you really need to take the potential of using apps for marketing seriously. From using food delivery apps for restaurants to grow, to shopping apps for retailers to increase sales, creating an app for your business makes it easy for your customers to interact with your brand and spend money. They’re a great way to increase your business growth, giving you the chance to nurture and push leads through your sales funnels using in-app push notifications and integration with other platforms.

3. Harness the power of video content with mobile marketing

To increase engagement, you need to constantly create interesting and ‘shareable’ content across all of your marketing platforms. Luckily, video and mobile marketing are the perfect match. Capture the power of video and mobile by creating valuable video content on Instagram Stories, Facebook or Snapchat to interact with  mobile users. Video content instantly captures attention and creative videos will support your marketing strategy by upping engagement and brand awareness with your followers on social media. 

4. Target customers in real time with location tracking

Location tracking on mobiles tracks and reports a person’s location in real time. This has become a vital feature for many mobile users, giving them the ability to find local businesses and information easily and quickly. Businesses can take advantage of these geo-location capabilities by marketing to people in specific locations, pushing them to your location much more effectively. You can target ads, content and interactions at a highly localized level, making interaction and engagement much more likely. 

5. Mobile marketing automation makes personalisation easy

Mobile marketing is a great way to combine automation and user-data, developing marketing strategies with the customer as a genuine focus. Using behavioural data collected from each customer, you’ll be able to automate interactions with your business on a personal level for each customer via mobile. For example, you’ll be able to up your social proof with Tripadvisor review requests via SMS straight after they’ve visited your business, or you can send a customer-specific upsell email or push notification based on their recent online purchase history. This personalisation allows you to send useful and relevant marketing messages tailored to each customer, increasing their engagement levels with your brand.

To wrap up

Mobile marketing is an important way for any business to develop genuine, personalised and useful interactions with their customers, increasing engagement across all of your marketing efforts. Engaged customers are more profitable and more loyal, so it’s an essential marketing channel to invest in.


Writer Bio:

Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox. Hannah writes about marketing trends for restaurants, retailers and hospitality businesses, giving them the insights and tools to increase sales and customer engagement.


Beambox website: www.beambox.com

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-hambleton-631b4061/

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