New AI Virtual Assistant Helps Uninsured Find Affordable, Cash-Based Primary Care Services

Patients without insurance often don’t know who to turn to for care, or how to find affordable care.  Mira is an intelligent health assistant who helps people without insurance navigate the system to access same-hour, high quality walk-in clinics at affordable, upfront prices, available 24/7 from any communication device.

Just three days ago, the U.S. Department of Justice took a broader stance against the Affordable Care Act, arguing that the entire law should be struck down. The Urban Institute estimates that this would cause the national uninsured rate to rise by 65 percent. Not only this is alarming, it has a direct impact on some 21 million Americans who will lose their health insurance – adding to the 30 million already uninsured population.

But things aren’t any better for doctors. According to a survey by the Physician Foundation, physicians are spending on average 23 percent of their time on administrative non-clinical paperwork. Many of them are even considering changing careers and would not recommend medicine as a career for their children. Khang T. Vuong, the founder and CEO of TalktoMira, says, “This is a crisis that will worsen over time as we enter yet another recession. TalktoMira is filling in the much-needed gap by giving both patients and physicians access to a very simple payment system that works.”

Cash patients often don’t know which doctors they can turn to for care, and often can’t find affordable prices for care.  TalktoMira works directly with doctors to get its users the best possible prices, regardless of insurance status. This provides people who can’t afford paying $3,000- $4,000 per year in insurance premiums an alternative to access basic healthcare. As 50 percent of healthcare access is how patients get to the doctor’s office, Mira also helps consumers figure out the most optimal options based on his or her location, surrounding traffic, and the wait time of each facility.


Better yet, TalktoMira is not an app. Mira is your personal health assistant who can be called upon via a phone, text, or simply on the Web 24/7 and everywhere you are.  Instead of relying on an outdated doctor directory or making multiple phone calls, TalktoMira’s intelligent search algorithm only recommends options that work for the users. TalktoMira doesn’t tie users into a membership if they don’t want one; users have the option to become a member or to use the platform when health needs arise.


Khang T. Vuong, the founder and CEO, who previously served as the corporate resident to the system CFO of a large, multistate health system, has an essential role in the venture bringing his expertise in healthcare finance to help uninsured patients simplify the health delivery system. Vuong says, “U.S. healthcare is undeniably complex and confusing, especially for those who are without an insurance. Imagine having to navigate through the system with a hundred-degree fever, just to find out there is a long wait, or having to choose between your weekly grocery bill and a doctor appointment.”  He adds, “This is so deeply personal to me because I came to the U.S. at a young age without my parents, and I went through this experience countless times myself.”

The startup is rolling out its platform nationally.  Users can sign up for free early access directly Primary care doctors are encouraged to become part of the network through the affiliation program.

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