Ransomware Still A Top Cybersecurity Threat, Warns Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

Ransomware attacks double since 2017, and now target business critical systems Ransomware is the more prevalent variety of malicious software, found in 39 percent of malware-related cases. ┬áHuman factor continues to be a weakness: financial pretexting and phishing attacks now … Continue reading

Digital Transformation and IoT to Drive Cybersecurity Spend to $134 Billion Annually by 2022

Between facial recognition, digital home assistants and iOT the future is upon us and is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Also known as 4IR, the fourth industrial revolution pertains to the surge of technology and interconnectivity of devices. With … Continue reading

Huawei: ‘We’re not Chinese spies’ – CNET (blog)

The Australian Financial ReviewHuawei: 'We're not Chinese spies'CNET (blog)… of its staff working locally in the countries where it operates — serves 45 out of the 50 top telecommunications operators and mobile networks. With so much per… Continue reading