From Products To Services: The Online Economy Moves To Subscriptions, By: First National Bank of Omaha Senior Vice President of Treasury Services Russ Oatman

As consumers increasingly seek personalization and flexibility in their online purchasing activity, the subscription economy—in which consumers subscribe to services rather than making a single purchase—is booming. A recent report by McKinsey & Companymaintains that the subscription e-commerce market has … Continue reading

Hidden Privacy Dangers, by Greg Sparrow. Greg is the Vice President & General Manager at CompliancePoint.

Big data is one of the most popular terms used by businesses and consumers alike. Individuals have begun to understand exactly how their personal data is being used, but many still don’t understand the hidden dangers in every day technology. … Continue reading

The Mobile POS Trend – by Jenny Ouyang, Head of Marketing Communications at ID TECH Products

A new trend in electronic sales is the concept of Mobile Point of Sale (or mPOS). mPOS is defined as “a smartphone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale … Continue reading

The Hard Lessons of IT Outsourcing, by Mark McGregor, SVP Strategy at Signavio

The challenge of business outsourcing may still seem a leap too far for many businesses. Yet, IT outsourcing continues to generate much interest among companies internationally. More specifically, many may simply leapfrog to business process outsourcing (BPO) or beyond. What … Continue reading

Why Under Investing In Your Preference Management System Is Costing You Customers, by Eric V. Holtzclaw is Chief Strategist at PossibleNOW

Selecting preferences is commonplace in our digital world. Users subscribe or unsubscribe from email lists, request notifications from their favorite brands, and update their privacy settings on social media networks. It’s a win-win for both parties; consumers are supposed to … Continue reading

Giving Customers What They Want: Mobile Payments with Personalized Service By: First National Bank of Omaha Senior Vice President of Treasury Services Russ Oatman

While consumers are demanding the ability to pay companies using their mobile device, many businesses still struggle to offer a seamless, user-friendly mobile payment experience that strengthens their brand. At the root of these challenges is often a failure to … Continue reading