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MarketMan Launches Invoice Scanning App to Streamline Restaurant Supply Tracking Process, By – Noam Wolf, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketMan

MarketMan Launches Invoice Scanning App to Streamline Restaurant Supply Tracking Process Invoice tracking is a well-known obstacle in restaurant operations, requiring restaurant operators to stay late or come in early to make sure everything is tracked, paid on time and up-to-date. MarketMan, the cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution that streamlines the relationship between restaurant operators and suppliers, has launched a first of its kind invoice...

MarketMan Works to Eliminate the Issue of Food Waste with Cloud-Based Restaurant Supply Ordering App By Co-Founder & CEO Noam Wolf

For those that work in the restaurant space, food waste is an on-going issue. Building on more than a decade of experience in software development, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketMan Noam Wolf set out to close the gap in the issue of food waste. He recognized that while some technological advancements were being made in back-of-house, most of the restaurant operators were sourcing inventory by word of mouth, paying with checks and ordering from dozens of different suppliers....

Mobile Payment Companies must Include Effective Security Defenses in their Applications

As the recent Equifax security breach reinforced, as the sophistication of our technology continues to increase, so will the susceptibility of organizations information to being compromised by a data breach. In fact, the Equifax hack was so massive that it affected nearly half of the United States population. Or, more precisely, 143 million consumers. You do not want your company even remotely associated with this type of public relations nightmare. Furthermore, It’s...

How Mobile Wallets Help Merchants Engage Shoppers

At the 2017 Mobile Payments Conference, Jack Connors, Head of Commerce Partnerships at Google – who leads Google’s merchant partnerships for Android Pay, showed his in-depth understanding of how merchants can use mobile payments as a way to address a broader set of business objectives. His message is especially invaluable for merchants who may have implemented one or more mobile pay options in their stores, but just aren’t getting the returns they hoped for.

“Mobile Wallets Help Sales,” Said No Retailer Ever.

Connors got the audience’s attention by showing that he understands the frustrations many merchants feel trying to keep up with all the latest mobile payment offerings only to find that customers barely use it. He then made the case for why Android Pay is different from the myriad of other mobile payment options. First, for every smartphone owner walking into a store, there’s a nearly 82 percent chance that they’re using an Android phone, according to Gartner’s latest projections on worldwide smartphone sales. “And, Android Pay is pre-installed on 90% of those phones via carrier relationships,” said Connors.

Why Is Webrooming Causing Mobile Shoppers to Spend only 15 Percent of their Money? How Can Advertisers Bridge this Gap? By Chaitanya Chandrasekar, Co-Founder & CEO, QuanticMind

What is “webrooming”? The term, coined by Wired Magazine, refers to the practice of shoppers relying on browsing virtual showrooms to do their product research over brick-and-mortar locations. According to the publication, 69 percent of 18-36 year-old smartphone owners have webroomed, while only half have “showroomed”, and the number only gets higher for older shoppers. What does this mean in practice? It means a longer sales cycle and less foot traffic at...

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