The Hard Lessons of IT Outsourcing, by Mark McGregor, SVP Strategy at Signavio

The challenge of business outsourcing may still seem a leap too far for many businesses. Yet, IT outsourcing continues to generate much interest among companies internationally. More specifically, many may simply leapfrog to business process outsourcing (BPO) or beyond. What … Continue reading

Why Under Investing In Your Preference Management System Is Costing You Customers, by Eric V. Holtzclaw is Chief Strategist at PossibleNOW

Selecting preferences is commonplace in our digital world. Users subscribe or unsubscribe from email lists, request notifications from their favorite brands, and update their privacy settings on social media networks. It’s a win-win for both parties; consumers are supposed to … Continue reading

Giving Customers What They Want: Mobile Payments with Personalized Service By: First National Bank of Omaha Senior Vice President of Treasury Services Russ Oatman

While consumers are demanding the ability to pay companies using their mobile device, many businesses still struggle to offer a seamless, user-friendly mobile payment experience that strengthens their brand. At the root of these challenges is often a failure to … Continue reading

Snapchat redesign rolling out to users, By Ken Huening, the CEO and founder of MiLegacy

With Facebook’s recent privacy breach scandal—right on the tail of Snapchat’s redesign fiasco—it can feel like social media is disappointing its users in a new way every week. Big social media platforms present themselves as neutral, democratic spaces. But 2018, … Continue reading

Check Out The Man Behind Founder and CEO Guillaume Pousaz, a leading international provider of online payment solutions, began as a bootstrapped startup in 2009 under the name Opus Payments. Over the ensuing 9 years, entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Guillaume Pousaz built his company based on a progressive … Continue reading

Facebook Filters News Feeds with a Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced visions for a crackdown on current policies within the iconic 2 billion user social platform. One of the initial modifications to be published to the company blog: forbidding the use of bitcoin, … Continue reading

How Can App Developers Leverage AR to Increase Downloads and User Retention

Marketers are constantly revising their strategies to not only coincide with user trends, but emerging technological trends as well. Staying ahead of the curve with advancements in technology, and using those changes to your advantage, becomes increasingly more important year … Continue reading

Amazon is merging its Prime Now delivery service with AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service.

Amazon is merging its Prime Now delivery service with AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service. According to industry insiders this move is more of a marriage with both brands working together versus a complete merger where one brand takes over. “The … Continue reading