Omnivore Revolutionizes the Restaurant Industry with Universal API

Innovative technology bridges the gap between developers, POS systems and restaurant apps

With decades of collective experience working to create innovative cloud-based solutions, Mike Wior and Mike Taczak saw major challenges in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Operators were increasingly seeking better ways to seamlessly integrate a variety of capabilities into their point-of-sale (POS) systems. But, smooth POS integration was still blocked by a disconnection of disparate systems.

Wior and Taczak set out to solve this integration problem and move the restaurant industry forward, with their sights set on building a better and more efficient way to connect restaurant POS systems with consumer applications. Wior brought years of experience in security and infrastructure at Wells Fargo to the table, while Taczak had extensive knowledge in API and platform development. Together, their focus was to develop a robust cloud-based API that would serve as the new standard in universal communications for the restaurant industry. Thus, Omnivore was created, a universal API that connects restaurants, developers and suppliers while streamlining the POS process.

“App developers want the ability to communicate directly with diverse POS systems,” said Wior, CEO and co-founder of Omnivore. “Restaurants want a seamless end-to-end solution. Suppliers want real-time consumer engagement opportunities. Omnivore was designed to bridge those gaps, making the possibilities for better engagement endless. The key that will differentiate restaurants from each other in the future is the customer experience they offer, and the technology they employ to achieve it. With that in mind, there was a real need for an API like Omnivore to provide a new level of connectivity.”

What sets Omnivore apart is its ability to universally communicate with many different POS systems. Before Wior and Taczak introduced their product to the market, developers were forced to build their products multiple times, once for each system, dramatically increasing both the cost of development and maintenance. With Omnivore, the functionality and data model of many POS systems is normalized into a single API, allowing developers to build only once, and immediately be compatible with popular systems like Aloha, Dinerware, InfoGenesis, Micros, and POSitouch.

“With hundreds of types of POS systems in the world, it’s incredibly difficult to develop and maintain integrations with each one, while simultaneously building an application that delivers value and a great customer experience. The integration work takes over the entire development process. We’re completely focused on perfecting those integrations, so our restaurant and application partners can stay focused on what’s important to their own mission,” said Taczak, CTO and co-founder of Omnivore.

Now, Omnivore is becoming the go-to API for POS systems, not only at the restaurant level, but across all hospitality sectors. Global companies are already finding rapid success on Omnivore’s platform, including many of the leading restaurant technology companies in sectors like discovery, reservations, delivery, CRM loyalty, ordering, payment, analytics and more. In the years to come, both Wior and Taczak believe their platform has the power to help take the entire industry to a never-before-seen level of data-driven convenience.

“We’re already witnessing how our API is shifting the entire restaurant technology landscape,” Wior said. “It’s clear that Omnivore truly is the missing ingredient for restaurant apps and analytics – we can’t wait to be a part of the exciting future that our technology helps unlock.”


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