Customer Service Using AI and IA Technology by James Ramey is CEO of DeviceBits

Customer service is one the most important aspects of a company because without satisfied customers there would be no business. But keeping customers content can be challenging at times. With the help of customer service hotlines and the internet brands have been able to meet their loyal customers’ needs but now there is new technology that allows businesses to go above and beyond to make their customer’s happy.

How AI and IA Improve Customer Service

Both AI and IA technology can be used to improve a brand’s current customer service level. Perhaps, the easiest way to incorporate AI into a customer service strategy is to bring chatbots into the equation. Chatbots, commonly known as bots, are programs that simulate conversation with a human. These bots can be installed to a brands mobile messaging and allow customer to have instant communication with a business. These bots can answer customer queries and direct them to the proper contact if they cannot assist them. This quick and easy access to customer service reduces the burden to customer service call centers and satisfies the customer’s need for instant gratification.

Implementing IA is also a fairly easy task that can enhance a brand’s customer service. Interactive tutorials and FAQ’s can help customers find the answers to their questions on their own. By augmenting the customer’s knowledge of a particular product or company, IA reduces the burden on customer service representatives and allows customers to more quickly solve their own problems.

So what are AI and IA Exactly?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is technology that simulates human intelligence. Although it sounds like science fiction, AI is actually a very real technology that is helping improve user’s experiences in a multitude of industries. AI programing enables a computer to interact with a human without the need for human assistance. These programs become more “intelligent” by basing their responses to human requests off of past interactions and user preferences. Consumers have likely already used this technology through products like Apple’s Siri, Pandora Radio and Amazon’s Alexa. These virtual assistants help people by producing information upon request.

IA, or Intelligence Amplification, on the other hand is slightly different. IA is the use of computers to enhance or amplify human intelligence. Although the abilities of the human brain are incredible, sometimes it needs help recalling complicated data and information. Luckily, computers are here to help augment human intelligence to help people solve complicated problems and find unique solutions.

The Difference between AI and IA

Although these two technologies are similar, there is a distinct difference. The differentiating factor is the level of human involvement in each technology. AI technology works autonomously, completing the request without the help of a human while IA works with humans to solve a problem or answer a request.

This is critical in understand consumer preferences. Since the birth of search engines, people have grown to love the concept of seeking out answers to their own questions online. With AI and IA, customer service strategies can adopt the same approach when catering to their customers.

Both AI and IA are valuable tools that businesses should consider utilizing to increase productivity and efficiency. Although these technologies are still in their infancy, they show promising outcomes for the future. Businesses that incorporate AI and IA, along with a host of online digital support materials readily available to customers, can stay ahead of the trend and will be able to deliver the best possible service and brand experience to their customers.



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