Intel Grows in Popularity, Driven by IoT, Retail, Banking Advancements

The Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices for workers and increasing branch transformation in the banking industry are leading to much higher demand for Intel chips, Michelle Tinsley, the company’s director of mobility and secure payment solutions tells Mobile Marketing & Technology.

Shipments of Intel chips to power these devices have risen more than 400 percent, according to Tinsley.

In the retail and hospitality environments, new POS machines, kiosks, table ordering devices (Chili’s and Applebee’s have them at the table, Panera has kiosks at the front of the stores), are all becoming commonplace. Beacons are growing in popularity as well.

Intel will have a full display of its retail devices at the National Retail Federation show that starts Sunday.

Iot has moved beyond the bleeding edge phase to early adopters, with connected cars getting plenty of discussion at the recent auto show in Detroit, as well as commitments from auto manufacturers. Earlier this week, Ford announced it had partnered with IBM to add cloud and big data capabilities to its Smart Mobility initiative.

“Companies are really starting to get serious; we are starting to see some of these things take off,” Tinsley says. Wearables are growing strongly, though both pay by wearable and pay by phone are still having a hard time gaining traction in part because they require the user change behavior (e.g., reach for phone to pay rather than reach for card to pay).

Banks have been talking about branch redesign for decades, but some are actually taking the plunge, while others have moved new designs from the laboratory to the pilot stage, Tinsley says. The new branch designs include tablets for bankers who are no longer stuck behind a teller line, smart ATMs, interactive displays and other technologies that rely on high-speed processing.

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